I was sitting in the first pub I had been in since March when I got an email from the current production I’m working on letting me know that the newly announced lockdown rules may affect us. We downed an early-wrap beer and headed home, back to isolation. Sure is a bizarre year, isn’t it. I continue to be thankful for not only the work I’m getting, but that it has been rewarding and challenging and diverse. Rarely are two days the same; there is room for experimentation with lighting, making teachable moments (both for myself and others), and connecting with new people. Do I love hearing about people’s meandering journeys of how they ended up on a project? Yes. Yes absolutely.

Today’s Chill Nature Time takes us back to Sutherland Falls – where I spent a good chunk of early morning watching the sun move across rock faces and feeling that fresh spray tumble down the creek.

Isolation (and the challenges of not being able to isolate) are wearing on a lot of folks. Check in with your friends and family and peers! Share some music, some movies, some good vibes.

Sutherland Falls, BC Canada

Lee Rosevere
“Squinting at the Sun”

🦖 Until this afternoon you can watch the Metropolitan Opera’s free preview of Philip Glass’s Akhnaten! I listened to a LOT of Philip Glass staying up in a depressed haze in university and coming back to it has been bizarre.

🦖 Tom Rosenthal officially released an absolutely ethereal album of covers, including my favourite track, Bootylicious

🦖 Learn about lakes, rivers, and oceans as god intended – on Tiktok from Geodesaurus

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