*squints into December* well, that doesn’t look good.

Today’s Chill Nature Time is another from my afternoon spent at the Lac Du Bois grasslands. It was dusty and hot; the sun warming the humming meadows of clover and goldenrod. Not a person, problem, or worry around. Head empty, no thought, only protected grassland.

This time of year has become a bit of a minefield of dates that are and are not my favourite to remember. A lot of my family’s birthdays are in the next few months, it’s a ripe season for calendar holidays, my partner and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary together, and peppered in there is a couple of days where I’ve lost someone important. I love a suddenly emotionally charged jolt when I am wondering why I’m feeling some kind of way when I smell the chilled, damp, late-fall air.

Work has slowed down as of this week in the pre-holiday season, and prospective December jobs delicately perched on provincial regulations and COVID numbers. As we head into what I can only assume is a second lockdown, check in with your loved ones, and yourself. What a marathon. Keep diligent and safe and as sane as you can manage. The holidays will be different this year, but we’re a resourceful bunch.

Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, British Columbia

Lee Rosevere
“My Mobile”

🏔 Was feeling nostalgic about making movies with friends in a time when I knew a lot less and somehow was much more confident (??) – seven years ago I shot a short called My Old Flame on 16mm, and gave my crew the camera to shoot our short ends at our lil wrap party

🏔 The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is running this week! Their fall programming passes are pretty great – catch them until November 29th!

🏔 In some insane throwback conversations with old friends, I was reminded of this masterpiece

🏔 I’ve been really feeling Dale Hollow lately

🏔 OH and also Nick Shoulders

🏔 Shop local this holiday season, y’all

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