With the end of 2020 mere days away, here we are – perhaps a little worse for wear. I have learned a lot this year, a lot of practical knowledge I was able to get in the fall once my industry got a running start after quarantine. As this year comes to a crunching halt, I thought I’d list some things I’m thankful for, because it’s nice to think about.

I’m thankful for my partner, family, and friends. It’s been a challenging haul not to have the option of getting together for the odd introverted outing, but we’ve made the best out of it. I am thankful, too, for the things that kept us connected – whether it be watching a movie in two places at once, or being able to play party games remotely. I’m thankful for being able to work with some pretty great, kind, talented, and funny people. I forget it’s been almost two years since I threw myself upon the shores of freelance-dom and I’m thankful for that privilege and challenge every day. I am also thankful for Cheez-its.

Anywho, here’s a bit of a compilation video of bits that didn’t necessarily fit the Chill Nature Time bill in 2020. Birds that didn’t sit still for long, frogs that sat too still, etc etc. Also the 4 sharp frames of an osprey that I scrambled to get after trying to wait for it’s next dive in the sizzling sun and looked away for a whole second. Here’s to a safe and healthy 2021 that we can hopefully hug people in??

Derby Reach Park, BC
Minnekhada Regional Park, BC
Bear Mountain Park, BC
Pitt-Addington Marsh, BC
Sutherland Falls, BC
Silverdale Creek Regional Park, BC
Canmore, AB


🥚 Don’t have a 2021 calendar yet? Grab one from the Wildlife Rescue Association!

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🥚 The complete Tron: Legacy sountrack by Daft Punk just got dropped 👀

🥚 I’m currently learning how to solder and tinker with electronics – here’s a video channel I found helpful (this, among many, many others)

🥚 Yeah, you know what – I’ve had it up to here with 2021

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