I can’t even fathom that 2020 is over – as many are remarking, it has truly been the longest year that has somehow flown by. The past few months have been very successful for me; almost a full slate of challenging new jobs with a lot of new people. I’ve expressed a gratefulness before, but I’ll do it again! It’s a miracle my industry came back with such strength, and I applaud the calm and kind measures being taken by the crews I have had the pleasure of working with. It has been hard – I hope everyone gets a moment for themselves this holiday season, and is able to spend some meaningful time with family.

Only two more Chill Nature Time slots before the end of the year! The next couple weeks for me look like a wide open range of reading, baking, and putting my ding dang feet up.

Pitt-Addington Marsh, BC

Lee Rosevere
“Moving Through Light”

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🧄 Christmas cards from the Natural History Museum of London

🧄 Is it Christmas?

🧄 The Pacific Cinematheque has a merch store now! Make sure you’re shopping plenty local this holiday season

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