Every time I think I’ve pushed through a certain kind of stress, another one kind of shows up to rudely crash my party. My mental toolkit of things to keep my head above the water is getting a little messy – the screwdriver is missing, there’s an empty plastic baggie that once held drywall screws, and there’s like 12 sizes of nails just rolling around in the bottom. Truly quiet moments are very hard to come by – even with a schedule that’s been relatively empty this year so far. Brains and habits are funny, aren’t they?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we spend our time and energy – something certainly finite for each of us, and how so much happens based on our own (very variable definition of) strength of will. Where one person has no energy or interest, another person does. While you can view it in a competitive dog-eat-dog kind of way, when you look at the larger picture, it’s the cumulative nature of our communities, culture, and society. We have so much because of people’s different interests, drives, energy, and uses for time. It frames things, for me, in a way that makes me appreciate everything I do have – and the codependency we have on one another.

Everyone’s feeling a little frayed these days – give yourself not just one break, but many. Extend that same courtesy to others. It’s tough and frustrating out there.

Minnekhada Regional Park, BC

Lee Rosevere
From Time-Lapse Volume 2 – meditations

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