January’s blown by and I’m finding my footing in some new things. Doing some new work and getting a lot of reading done, surprisingly. Trying very earnestly to wrap my head around the business end of being a freelancer and am flummoxed every. single. day. Judging by how things have been going so far, the theme of 2021 may be balance – constantly compensating to find some kind of momentary homeostasis in a world that is never the same from one instant to the next. Getting a mental workout for all of those little brain muscles (?) that deal with minor adjustments to keep you upright in the wind.

Happy 2021 – February’s here! Here’s to being able to get together and drink $17 cocktails in a hipster speakeasy someday.

Minnekhada Regional Park, BC Canada

Lee Rosevere
“Song for the New Year”

☕ A delightful read: I had read the first 5-6 chapters of Bone as a kid and just marathon-read the full collection for the first time and it’s a great lil adventure

☕ It’s alchemy – the guy who makes knives out of anything

☕ Have you listened to Strange Froots?

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