Oh hey – if you’re reading this, you’ve most certainly made it to 2022. High fives all around.

It’s been a Time, folks. I had my first solo Christmas, it dumped snow! Gave myself an extended holiday which has just kind of… kept doing due to job cancellations from COVID. I have been able to see some friendly faces in the past month, which is a favourite activity.

When given large swaths of unstructured time, I find myself falling back into old (bad) habits. Staying up late, not eating too great, sleeping in, absolutely whack posture. Fun things, you know. But I think all this down time has has afforded me some Quiet Time – enough of it to come full circle and teach me something, to start to find rhythm when there really isn’t any. HOWEVER, I’ll be very glad to get back to work – fingers crossed, next week!

2021 for me was full of a lot of good things – namely work, and people I met through work. Some of my biggest, most favourite jobs happened last year. But it was a tough year – tough because of COVID, I moved to another (conjoined) city, unsure if I could hack it, broke up with a long term partner. Big lessons included, but are not limited to: being okay with uncertainty, embracing the true absurdity of life, finding what my center is and laying paths down to return to it when things get murky, and one I’d like to embroider in cursive to hang in my home ‘You don’t have to be any kind of way’. As much as we’d like to think we’re impervious to the Machine, I find myself often lamenting not looking like people on Instagram, not travelling where others are travelling, not planning extravagant weddings. Me having an out of body experience while this is happening, while yelling at myself ‘THESE AREN’T PRIORITIES FOR YOU, RELAX, DO YOUR THING’. Being fed the same narratives over and over again definitely start to wear away at you, even if you’re sure of your own wants and needs. That’s why the centering is so important. I’ve had a hard time putting my phone down lately, and I’ve had to start forcibly removing apps from my rotation to keep my brain out of the popularity gutter. Brains are weird, y’all.

Anyways, I’ve included some of my fave set photos from last year below the bullet points. Happy 2022 – may we all sleep in sunbeams and eviscerate our enemies in the year of the tiger.

Pitt-Addington Marsh, BC

Lee Rosevere
“Twilight Dawn”

🐅 Wanna know A LOT more about the history of Disney’s Fastpass and lining up at theme parks? Yeah ya do.

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🐅 Worthikids is one of my favourite artists out there – more Big Top Burger is out!

🐅 I finally learned how to solder (somewhat) successfully and I’ve been reading a lot about electrical engineering bits and pieces! Here’s a piece!

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