Recently I went on a last minute camping trip towards Merrit, BC and found a slew of ponds, forestry roads, and small amphibian havens to set up shop at. I saw sparring osprey, brooding vultures, circling hawks, literal legions of toadlets, a single solitary salamander, and all of the other things that set up shop near ponds. It’s been about a year since I last camped, and forgot the bizarre, quiet freedom of simply being where other people are not.

In periods of transition, I find this grounding in the woods a rewarding experience. It’s easy to get stuck in your space, stuck in your routine. It’s hard to see how things can be different if everything seems so concrete. Just like it’s hard to see what’s ahead if you’re looking at your feet all the time. Expect change with a change of scenery.

The past year and a half has been tough, but I think my world got bigger this summer – and that’s a special thing to be aware of. When things start to look to grim, too serious – go find a salamander to remind yourself that life goes on.

Stay safe out there and take the time to listen.

Frogmoore Lake, BC

Lee Rosevere
“Still Water”

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