Autumn is officially here; with it comes cozy, spiced coffees and evenings spent making big batches of food to stock in the freezer for when things get busy. Some heavy rain has caught me while at work a couple of times and has had me thinking “maybe summer wasn’t so bad’, but the grass is always greener, and the world’ll turn whether I want it to or not.

Something I’ve been thinking about rather relentlessly lately has been how I am influenced by media/my environment in the long term, and how that sculpts my outlook on things. I’ve been caught between simultaneously thinking I want something because “well, that’s the default, everyone wants that” because I’ve seen it repeated so many times on a screen and “literally just go do whatever you want, YOLO”. Which, let me tell you as a relatively indecisive human being, actually feels like being pulled apart with two to three forks all of the time like a sentient slab of slow cooked pork. I’m a relatively patient person but this constant rending of what “should” be versus what “is” or what can be is just the pits.

Much of our lives are spent just figuring stuff out. Stuff that’s been figured out by people independently for thousands of years. Sometimes we help each other figure things out, sometimes we hold that confusion in, sometimes we sneer at those who haven’t figured it out yet, and sometimes we just never figure it out.

Life’s chaotic nature does remind me that things aren’t so linear, and you don’t have to be any kind of way.

Frogmoore Lake, BC

Lee Rosevere
“Water Bells”

💽 Spomenik before you click

💽 I haven’t watched Good Mythical Morning in ages, but this animated special just tickled me

💽 A pretty good intro to aquatic plants of Alberta/BC

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