You cannot support your community by putting down others. Support kind of begets support; which is nice, we should perpetuate that more. The ability to listen is really important! Also just because something doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect others!

It’s been a loooong while since I got out into the brush to shoot some chill nature time. I’m fact, I’m almost clean out of clips all together! It’s been a real sardine situation with work – which is nice, but it really takes the wind out of you for other work or personal projects. Now that spring has sprung (happy equinox!) I hope there’s some windows in the future where I can find a corner of the woods to sit in and watch stuff happen.

South Arm Marsh, Delta BC

“Tiki Room Rendezvous”
Lee Rosevere

📯 This slaps – the Balkan Paradise Orchestra

📯 PicoCAD! A tiny modeler for tiny models

📯 Sleep and rest are not the same thing

📯 Live feeds of the Iceland volcano in Geldingadalur

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