It’s Valentines Day! Today, appreciate all of the relationships in your life – the different kinds of love, and the importance of each. As a kid, love kind of only meant what I saw in the movies – like Big Broadway Love with Huge Declarations of specifically romantic love. I am basically a dinosaur now, so I understand love to be bigger than capital L Love – with lots of nuances, lots of change, and lots of subjectivity. Love your people! And relish the love you receive.

It’s 2021 and I have realized that I appreciate the chaotic nature of the world, and I love watching things unfold. I’m developing more patience for chaos – which aren’t two words I’d think to pair together ever in a sentence. Patience for happenstance, for rolling with the punches, for the unpredictable. I used to get very hung up on plans changing – and my brain still does get snagged sometimes, but going freelance and being freelance during the pandemic has made me adapt to pushing through that uncertainty more often than not.

But at the same time – I can’t mistake waiting for patience. Old adages say that waiting makes the world pass you by. I don’t think the same goes for patience. I guess for me, it’s a combination of preparation to make moves when the stars align, as well as the appreciation of and participation in the countless things that are beyond my own control every day.

It may be a result of having watched a LOT of the world from a screen this past year – through Twitter or the news or zoom calls, but bitch – I am ready to participate and jump the heck into this chaos.

ANWYAYS – enjoy some more scorching meadows from the 2020 summer while we experience some winter cold snaps.

Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, British Columbia

Lee Rosevere
“Awkward Silences (version b)”

🧅 An interactive frog orchestra! Listen to some calls from native Indian amphibians

🧅 Have you seen the ‘soviet soldiers dancing’ twitter?

🧅 Getting Used to This Life Alone – Dorothy Woodend via The Tyee

🧅 A nice poem by Mary Oliver – ‘Wild Geese’

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