So the end of 2020 was a remarkable bummer, having very shortly after Christmas come down with COVID along with my partner. It absolutely steam rolled me for two weeks. Although my energy is still absent, I no longer have a fever and have much of my appetite back, which is lovely. It muted an already quiet New Years; my partner and I already having been in bed for a number of hours by the time folks started letting off fireworks in our neighbourhood. We’re hoping for a chance to redeem our 2021 kick-off with a dip in a lake sometime soon and maybe some tacos.

Wishing you all a happy, cozy, productive, and hopefully less touch-starved 2021. Here we go.

Sutherland Falls, BC Canada

“The Other Side”

🐢 Explore the heck out of the Smithsonian Open Access portal

🐢 My first attempt at soldering was a disaster, so here is another video that helped

🐢 In looking for a lot of comfort videos in the past little while, here is an ol’ faithful

🐢 We’ve reached the sea shanty phase of quarantine

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