New! I can finally add some seasonally appropriate Chill Nature Time videos to your feeds. This one is long, and I honestly could have stood there until I was a lonely figure in the night. Ducks kept coming and going, and the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds as it quickly took leave of the evening.

Taking the time to actually hop in the car and go while the weather was good – wonderful. I have likely expressed this before, but when I’m out seeing what I can see – I love to pick a spot or two and stay there for a really long time, I’ll change angles, scan around the landscape, but by standing still you can see some tremendous things. Animals come out of hiding, light changes. You see the world turn. It’s nice, y’know?

Work is wrapping up with some bit jobs over the next week or two. I’m trying to keep my head above the “oh god the holidays will be different this year” – in fact, after living here 12 years, this is my first Christmas in Vancouver. Hoping to get out for some socially distanced walks with people who I haven’t been able to see throughout most of this.

Check in with yourself and your loved ones! Play some games. Or join me over on my Discord and we can play games together.

Southarm Marsh, British Columbia

Lee Rosevere

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