I’m hoping I wont miss *all* of the fall colour in this work-blitz I’ve been powering through – but for now we’re still livin’ in the hot summer Chill Nature Times.

My project turnaround lately has been pretty intense. It’s a great way for me to be working, learning, and networking – because not only am I learning new skills, meeting new people, and seeing how different projects take off – I’m learning how to make the best of an often strained set of circumstances. Filmmaking straddles the realities between art and business, and never has the ideal amount of every resource: time, money, people, or skill.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. That’s why we have so many stories told so many different ways. And there is much more often than not more than one way around a problem.

Yoho National Park, British Colombia Canada

Lee Rosevere
The Ambient Ukelele (radio edit)

🦝 The Vancouver Short Film Festival is currently doing a Crazy 8s @ Home! Tune in tomorrow (October 10th) to catch the action:

🦝 I had the pleasure of crewing this great project with Trail Films last year – definitely one of my 2019 highlights!

🦝 Frog meme tarot:

🦝 Bon Appetit was one of my quarantine staples until its wonderful WOC staff revealed that they weren’t being compensated fairly for their time, plus the editor was a racist – BUT boy was I crying happy tears when Andrew of Binging with Babish snatched up one of my Bon Appetit faves to join the roster at the Babish Culinary Universe: Solha El-Waylly!

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