I’ve still got a few weeks of peak summer Chill Nature Time videos to go. Work has been so busy I haven’t had time to catch the turn of fall quite yet! When it rains it pours – and after the pandemic shut down work for a solid 6 months, it’s been a hard curve to jump back in.

As we descend into the cozy season, I hope to be bringing you quaking yellow leaves, quiet damp evenings, and early sunsets as October is just around the bend.

Yoho National Park, British Columbia Canada

Lee Rosevere
“Musical Mathematics”

🥓 It’s time to VIFF! Just $60 gets you all the access to the fest until October 9th! 10/10 would recommend

🥓 Have you seen season one of Bigtop Burger? The whole season is under 12 minutes – you can do it

🥓 Sometimes twitter is a doomscrolling nightmare – but sometimes you learn good things. Here’s a thread outlining how neglected transmission towers caused billions in fire damage in the USA in 2018

🥓 Rearrange your desktop wallpaper for a big with these very nice studio Ghibli stills

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