Here’s a little dusky slice of hillside where rocky mountain goldenrod, paintbrush, and western anemone.

The days are getting shorter and every day I read at least one stupid comment on a news post that just knocks the Will To Live™ right out of me. A friendly reminder (for myself and others) to spend that energy on advocating for yourself, checking in on your loved ones, and making banana bread instead.

Where: Canmore, Alberta Canada

Lee Rosevere

🎃 I shot a spot for Masked for Work! Thanks to director Sarah Howell and producer Melissa Woodside – it was a fun day

🎃 Want good vibes? Look no farther than Louie Zong’s new EP

🎃 Need some deep sea serotonin?

🎃 Homecoming by Beyonce took the wind right out of me and is on Netflix

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