Who’s number one in my heart? Mountain meadows.

The drive through Three Valley Gap to Yoho always gets me right in the feelings, you know? You’re just in this sedimentary chalice overflowing with milky blue water, flowers, and swaying conifers – oh and ants. Upon throwing my tripod down and starting to get to framing, I simultaneously discovered with small, sudden horror that I was covered in ants and almost out of card space. We cool, though.

Where: Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada

Music: Lee Rosevere “Atraxia (radio edit)”

🏞 Am I a little over summer? Yes. Queue a little background rain.

🏞 Do some vicarious coastal foraging with this guy:

🏞 As you can probably tell, I get all of my music from one guy on Bandcamp – he’s from PEI, does a range of really rad stuff. You can get a subscription to ALL of his music (and there is a lot of it) over on Bandcamp!

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